The Protected Minority Law:

  • The Werewolf Code of Conduct Register and Registry become classified with magically binding oaths of secrecy that allow only Aurors, Hit Wizards, and members of the DMLE and Werewolf Capture Unit to view and disclose it.
  • Harsher penalties for those like Greyback. Authorizing Unforgiveables to be used on his associates and members of his army. This act authorizes the Ministry to place Bounties and create a werewolf hunting guild and make it so that only the Wizengamot can proclaim werewolves a threat to society, and only with with a super-majority in favor. Pensieve memories, investigations, and even trials may be necessary to keep everyone honest. Dementors may also be deployed as an experimental form of warfare against werewolves, due to them logically having human souls.
  • Discrimination based on ancestry, affliction, blood-status, or race is hereby made illegal. Those associated with Greyback, however, may be refused and even killed on sight; if their identity is confirmed beyond reasonable doubt.
  • Vampires may only feed upon people with their permission.
  • Veela are to restrain their allure whenever with prospective mates; unless they are immune, and those found to have ensnared men for ill-intentions will be treated as rapists, but the victims may decline to press charges after having been cleansed of any influence but may choose to press charges for up to seven years afterward.
  • Love Potions will be illegalized and using them will be treated as equal in severity to the Imperious Curse. Merely attempting to use them will be punished by severe fines, increasing greatly depending on the potential victims societal rank. The perpetrator will be questioned to determine their intentions.