This page will contain minor spoilers!

  • Lord Of Magic T-11= 77
  • Lord Of Magic T-10= 70
  • Lord Of Magic T-9= 63
  • Lord Of Magic T-8= 56
  • Lord Of Magic T-7= 49
  • Lord Of Magic T-6= 42
  • Lord Of Magic T-5= 35
  • Lord Of Magic T-4= 28
  • Lord Of Magic T-3= 21
  • Lord Of Magic T-2= Power 14 Magus'

Lord/Lady of Magic- A Magus who grew their base Magus power seven-fold. It is theorized that at this level a magical would even be partially composed of magic and gain several interesting abilities, sadly it was only theory at this point. Seven tiered system.

Magus- An Archmage who multiplied their base Archmage power seven times. Among this rank was Merlin, Morgana, and many widely worshiped pagan deities and mythological figures. Naturally, this rank was separated into seven tiers, and a newly created spell could measure those tiers.

Archmage- Divided the measuring spell into seven tiers. At the bottom you have a Tier One Archmage, with the power of four Mages. Tier Two, then the power of eight. This pattern continued all the way to Tier Seven, and without rituals was deemed impossible to achieve, though most were lazy.

Mage- Divided the measuring spell into four tiers. To get to the next tier you had to double your base Mage power. Wandless magic is slightly more easy and spells flowed more readily.

Grand Sorcerers/Grand Sorceress- Believed to have twice the power of a Sorcerer, even while at the lowest levels. Must triple base Grand Sorcerer power to become a Mage.

Sorcerers and Sorceress'- No one is certain how much power growth was required from the Warlock rank, but it was quite a bit in my opinion. Though a poor diet can stunt growth and prevent people from experiencing the best benefits of their power, and being descended from a vertically challenged race may nullify the advantages.

Warlocks- Believed be twice as strong as an ordinary witch or wizard, though no-one was actually certain.

Witches/Wizards- Most magical's occupy the this rank.

Misc Ranks: Adept Masters (Masters of Fields). There are also specialities like, Alchemists, Seers, Shaman's, Necromancers, battle-mages, and specialists in fields taught at schools.